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Welcome to the GNU Tools website

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GNU Tools are free, user-friendly GNU toolchains for Renesas micros with free customer support across the world.


Not satisfied with just providing high-quality products, we also provide integration with the Renesas e2 studio and professional technical support for our products worldwide for free.

Register now for free and get unlimited downloads and support – it’s easy:
1. Register on our website
2. We’ll send your username and password by email
3. Login and download installers for your chosen tools
4. Run the installers
5. Develop your application using either the Renesas e2 studio or Makefiles

If you have any questions, just ask our experienced support team via this website, or talk to other users on our discussion forum.

 Do You Need Technical Support?

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2. My activation code does not work, what should I do?

We have also created a dedicated area with answers to the most common technical questions. Please visit our Technical FAQ page to find out if your question is answered.

Another source of useful information is our dedicated support forum, while questions about the site functionality and general overview are usually covered in the Frequently Asked Questions area of our site.

If you cannot find the answer to your question above, please open a new support request and we will assist you promptly.

 Latest News

The following below are the latest updates available on our site:

  • Merry Christmas!
  • The Popular Toolchain for Renesas RX Receives An Update Today (Release 2020q4)
  • Updated Toolchains for Renesas RX and RL78 Have Been Released (Release 2020q2)
  • Both Renesas RX and RL78 Toolchains Get Refreshed Today (Release 2019q4)
  • The Renesas RX and RL78 Targets Get Updated Toolchains Today (Release 2019q2)

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