I am using e2 studio 6.3.0 with GCC for Renesas RL78 4.9.2… for the G10 R5F10Y47. I’ve used the RL78 processor with IAR but I am new to e2 studio and GCC. My first aim is to initialize a DS3231.

I started with a very simple program, just using P00 and have the  IICA0 code generated, the program jumped to some non-code address prior to reaching main().

The stack has been manipulated by the generated r_cg_cgc_user.c. The stack is initialized to FFED0 but the compiler is using temporary storage at FFEC8 and FFECA (R8, R10) as well. That overlaps at a call depth of 2, what is the case with R_CDC_Get_ResetSource in r_cg_cgc_user.c. The calling routine can not return properly.

Changing the _stack symbol in the linker_script.ld file to FFEC8 solved the problem.

Is this a bug in the generated linker file or compiler switches (should not use that RAM for temp storage), or did I do something wrong?

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