Dear All,

We are using R5F521A6BDFP in RX21A Series on E2Studio V5.4.0.023 using Tool Chain KPIT GNURX-ELF ToolChain v 14.03,


Initially we have used codes with variable Double assuming it will be 8 Byte with Double Precision, But Some how after some time at certain values it surfaced that it is only 4 Byte and with No Double Precision Provison,


Than we realise we need to select option of 64-bit for Double as below screen


So Now in 2 liner project code, we have seen in by enabling this, It works well as Double Precision,

But Now once we unable this in our existing Project It shows below errors,

Those errors are at Floating point comparison or at Floating point to Double Conversion,

We have seen our RAM Size is also within the range


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      Thank you for your comment. Since we have communicated on this matter through a private support ticket, we will close this thread for the moment.

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