The company I work for has an old product that uses a M16C CPU (that doesn’t sell in large enough volume to be worth redesigning to use a more modern CPU, at least as long as we can still buy the chips).  Nobody’s even looked at the code in ages, but we’ve recently received a customer complaint that’s going to require getting a development system set up again.  It’s been 5 years and 2 hard drive crashes since I worked on this code last, I certainly no longer have the toolchain installed, and indeed I couldn’t even remember what it was called at first.  Digging through old emails revealed that it was the KPIT GNU Tools I was using, and I was able to find it in your Legacy Toolchains download section.  However, it fails to install properly – it says “Unable to find the HEW executable”.  There’s a button in the installer to download HEW (presumably that’s how I got it originally), but it just links to the old KPIT site, which is now trying to sell me pills in Japanese.  Is there some other source for this download these days?  HEW is still mentioned on the main Renesas site, but I couldn’t find a download for the full program, just an update.

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